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Raleigh Bankruptcy Lawyer

Title: Raleigh Bankruptcy Lawyer
URL: https://www.cameronbankruptcylaw.com/
Description: Sheree grew up in rural Tennessee, and was the first (and only) in her family to graduate from college. Her mother washed clothes and bedding at an elder care facility, and her father was unemployed while she was growing up. Sheree is the “detail” part of family/team. She handles ALL the legal aspects of our clients’ situations personally. She is often up at 2:00 or 3:00 am working feverishly to help a client in crisis. Kerry Cameron grew up as a “Missionary Kid” in rural Alaska, where both his parents were born. After serving in the Army at Fort Bragg, he got his undergrad at the University of Alaska, Fairbanks. When not assisting Sheree, he also works as a professional magician. He has worked as Sheree’s part-time paralegal (and husband) from the beginning. Kerry is the “big picture” part of our family/team. He handles everything from handling phone calls, answering general questions, organizing the office, marketing, and managing our web site. “Cameron Bankruptcy Law” came about shortly after Sheree completed law school in Chapel Hill at UNC. She was hired by a bankruptcy attorney (who has since retired) in a rural community in North Carolina. After discovering several ethical dilemmas with her employer, she quit and started “Cameron Bankruptcy Law” with her husband.